Genset Services – August Newsletter


The beauty of dual fuel

Gone are the days where an interruption in supply is an issue. Dual Fuel generators use natural gas primarily but have the capability of switching over to LP if the natural gas supply is somehow interrupted. These generators are a great solution for when diesel fuel is not an option.

The new Generac G9.0L has the highest industry dual fuel power-rating offering at 130kW and 150kW.

Generac now offers an industry leading 140kW rating in a dual-fuel configuration. Like other Generac spark ignited products, the G9.0L dual fuel products will operate on natural gas at 7″ to 11″ of fuel pressure. The G9.0L products are not only powerful but have the lowest sounds emission levels at this power range.

Generac’s new 5-year extended limited (5C), 7-year extended limited (7C) and 10-year extended limited (10C) warranties will be available options with the new G9.0L products.

Please keep in mind that these warranty options are available throughout the entire industrial product line.

Sizing Up Your Needs

Generac has had a generator-sizing program for several years but recently it has been updated with new tools including:

  • Hybrid software architecture to allow you the fastest, most accurate and up-to-date software on the market
  • Announcement page to keep you up to date on industry news, trends and new releases.
  • Safe, secure cloud saving capabilities to access your projects from multiple devices and locations.
  • Medium voltage product options for sizing your projects.
  • Dynamic calculations for real time results.


Construction Contracts Continue to Rise

According to the latest data provided by Dodge, Miami Metro’s volume of new construction contracts in residential and non-residential sectors will continue to strengthen for the remainder of 2015. In 2013 and 2014 we saw dramatic rises in these sectors and this growth shows no signs of slowing. This can only mean an increase in the demand for generators and related services.

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