About Us

In 2003, our company headquarters was established in Pompano Beach, Florida. 2005 saw the opening of our Apopka branch office. We are a strong organization that is dedicated to being the best at what we do, particularly in the areas of customer support and service of industrial and commercial generators.

Our highly-experienced team of sales personnel and service technicians provide customers with a level of service second-to-none. Our capabilities in all areas of generator supply and service are first demonstrated in the inquiry stage, when we work closely with customers to determine the system that best meets their needs.

During the initial design stage, we frequently assist consulting engineers, architects and electrical contractors regarding the type of generator system to be specified and will continue to work with them until the installation is complete. Our assistance is greatly appreciated and results in customers having systems that better meet their needs.

Our in-house resources include a highly motivated and skilled workforce to ensure the best; parts inventory control, application engineering, after-sales support, service and planned maintenance, technical support and warranty administration. Our experienced personnel stay current with all aspects of our industry and maintain a close relationship with the Central and Southern Florida electrical power industry.

We strongly believe in making a business generator purchase the distributor makes the difference!

Genset Services is the factory authorized distributor for Generac Industrial Power Systems. We can supply our customers quality generator sets for standby, prime, portable, commercial, industrial, rental applications and residential applications.

From day one, our focus has been on quality service with a commitment to have in-house all the resources required for superior customer satisfaction. Combining our organization’s resources with representation of Generac Power Systems makes us the best solution for all commercial and industrial power generation needs.