Generator Fuel Filtering

Fuel FilteringMany generator systems use diesel engines as the prime mover. Stored diesel fuel is susceptible to many forms of contamination and if left untreated over time will degrade substantially. Generator fuel filtering is required to maintain stored diesel fuel, especially on standby generator systems that are idle for long periods with little use.

Genset Services offers their customers a “3-Step” Fuel Maintenance Program to prevent fuel storage issues.

  • Step A – Fuel Testing. Testing will detect any fuel deterioration before it becomes an issue. Sample checks are made for water contamination and sludge formation.Testing meets ASTM standards (as required by NFPA 110 8.3.8.) checks gel, flash and cloud points; and verifies the distillation and cetane level.
  • Step B – Fuel Polishing. Fuel polishing removes any sediment from the fuel tank, filters contaminants and strains any water. All fuel is recycled with no fuel loss.
  • Step C – Fuel Treatment. Ensures that the fuel is up to par and ready to perform. Additives fight micro-organism growth, prevent gelling in cold temperatures, boost cetane levels, stabilize the fuel, disperse contaminates and provide additional lubrication