Volume 1; Issue 10-August 2020

Power Design Pro™ Introduces Mobile Products

Sizing for mobile applications just got much simpler. Generac’s Power Design Pro™ sizing program introduces the ability to size Generac Mobile generators specifically to the sites load profile. Users can choose between stationary or mobile applications on the solution set up page (pictured below) based on the project application to optimize the size of the genset.

Solution Type

Maximum Allowable Transients

Market Region


Electrical Configuration



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Power Design Pro™ extends the same key features of the sizing tool for Generac’s Mobile product offering that we offer for Stationary products.

Cloud Based Architecture – Allows for safe, secure, cloud saving capabilities to access your projects from multiple devices and locations with a single login. Power Design Pro™ permits users to be able share the files with others to improve collaboration on the project within their teams.

Harmonic Analysis – Utilizes harmonic analysis to limit the harmonic voltage distortion to acceptable levels. The program automatically selects an appropriate harmonic current signature for each load type, but gives the user the ability to modify it to model harmonic distortion of any load. Once the loads are entered, Power Design Pro™ calculates the resulting harmonic voltage distortion as that load is applied to various generators.

Transient Analysis – references voltage and frequency tolerances that are customized for each load versus a single parameter for the entire project. It also provides the user with a detailed transient analysis, which identifies the load sequences, and the loads in that sequence that are causing the greatest system transients – voltage and frequency.

Transient Analysis

Most difficult alternator transient requirements (voltage dip)




Voltage dip tolerance

Voltage dip expected






Most difficult engine transient requirements (frequency dip)




Voltage dip tolerance

Voltage dip expected

Step 2:





Natural Load Sequencing, Cyclic Loading, and Load Factors – Power Design Pro supports natural load sequencing, cyclic loading, and user definable load factors in addition to the traditional concurrent starting, load step method.

Load Shedding – Power Design Pro™ provides the ability to shed loads and allow the user to evaluate the effects of running those loads against any generator configuration that the user wants to select. The goal is not to simply provide a sizing recommendation, but rather provide an analysis tool to allow the user to perform what-if analysis.

Being able to accurately size the genset utilizing Power Design Pro™ optimizes the size of the solution being selected allowing Generac to offer the most competitively sized mobile systems for the application.

Written by: Brandon Bassler- National Sales Manager II